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What we Supply or we Do?

by CaiRui 06 Dec 2020 0 Comments

Quartz Glass have many forms of procducts. Our company not only produces common products but also high precision of customized fused quartz. Below is the summary of what we can do or supply.

a. Quartz tube (diameter 2.5mm-400mm - wall thickness 0.5-10mm)
b. Quartz capillary (diameter 0.3 mm-2.3 mm - wall thickness 0.1-0.8 mm)
c. Quartz rod (diameter 1.8mm-60mm)
d. Quartz glass plate (high temperature resistant observation window, quartz mirror, quartz polishing plate of various specifications)
e. Quartz glassware (quartz tube for tubular furnace, cap on both ends of frosted sand, quartz boat, quartz test tube, beaker, crucible, evaporating dish, reagent bottle, volumetric flask, etc.)
f. Quartz instrument and custom fused quartz processing, sanding, burning, drilling, welding flange, can also be processed by drawing.

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