Types of quartz glass

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According to different classification standards, quartz glass can be classified into various types.Classify according to appearance. Quartz glass can be divided into two categories: transparent and opaque. Transparent quartz glass can be divided into ordinary quartz glass, high-purity quartz glass, and doped quartz glass.Classify according to product shape. Quartz glass can be divided into...

Do you know the precautions for the use of quartz glass products?

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Quartz glass products have a maximum operating temperature, which should not be exceeded during use, otherwise it will crystallize or soften and deform. Quartz glass products that needs to be used at high temperature must be wiped clean before use

The difference between quartz glass and ordinary glass

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With the continuous rapid development of society, the types of glass are becoming more and more diverse, which can meet the needs of various occasions. After adjusting its materials and properties, glass materials can undergo different changes, making it more stable and durable. 

What are the main components of quartz glass? Precautions for using quartz glass

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Nowadays, with the continuous development of production technology by manufacturers, various new types of glass have emerged, with more and stronger functions, gradually replacing ordinary glass. For example, ordinary glass windows that were originally only able to transmit light and wind, have the function of noise reduction and heat insulation after using laminated glass,...

Optical properties of quartz glass plate/sheets/windows

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Quartz glass plate/sheets/windows are usually cut and ground from quartz glass, with a silicon dioxide content of over 99.99%. The hardness is Mohs Grade 7, which is characterized by high temperature resistance, low coefficient of thermal expansion, good thermal shock resistance and electrical insulation. Next, let's learn about the optical properties of quartz glass!...

The properties of quartz glass

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Compared with ordinary glass, quartz glass has three excellent characteristics: heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and good thermal stability. This article is a more comprehensive summary of the properties of quartz glass.