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Are you worried about shipping?

by CaiRui 31 Dec 2020 0 Comments
Because most of our quartz glass products or related glass products are fragile, from the probability, the existence of damage is also a normal phenomenon. However, according to our previous experience in providing logistics services for our customers, about 100 to 200 orders will be damaged only once due to logistics. Because our place of origin is in China, we pay more attention to the customer's logistics service experience, whether in terms of efficiency or cost. If you choose our standard shipping method, you don't have to worry about anything. What are the reasons to break your worries?

1. Our Cooperative Logistics Providers
The logistics companies we have cooperated with for many years have been screened out layer by layer. No matter from the reliability or after-sales service are first-class in the industry.

2. Self Express Account
Due to the large order volume of our company, we have also opened various express accounts in the name of our company, such as the FedEx account. This can provide customers with the most efficient logistics and transportation insurance services.

3. High Quality Packaging
In consideration of reasonable packing size, we will choose the best outer and inner packing.
Outer packing: wooden case, super hard box, special packing box
Inner packing: plastic foam, bubble bag, pearl cotton

4. Our Commitment Terms.
If you choose our standard shipping method, we will give you the following commitment.
a. If the package are damaged during transportation, we will send replacements immediately.
b. Under appropriate conditions, we will arrange priority logistics services for you as upgrading.
c. Gain the insurance service of our express account.
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