Depending on many customers who have the same or similar questions, we summarize them as the below.

1: How to gurantee your products quality?
The quality of the quartz glass itself don't have much good or bad difference. The quality is mainly depending on the processing technology. For the self-processed products in our store, they are basically made by our quite experienced technicians. So the quality is 99.9% reliable.

2: How can I trust your company?
MICQstore is our new online store. You may be a little worried about paying for the order at the new store. But our main website micquartz.com has been online for many years, which proves that we are not a new company. Please feel free to place your order. On the other hand, we all use regular channels to collect payments (such as PayPal and credit cards). If you feel cheated, you can get a full refund.

3: Where do you ship your products? How long does the delivery take?
All our goods are sent from Shanghai, China. Due to our customers are come from all over the world and our products are all customized, so we cannot set up a fixed warehouse in a certain country for transit.
Our delivery time is basically within 3-7 days, and it may take 3-7 days in transit. It is a bit slow for some urgently needed customers, but we believe that our quality products and good service will definitely make up for this deficiency.

4: What are the shipping methods?
Standard shipping: FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT and EMS (3-7days)
Postal transportation: E-packet (10-15days)
Self-shipping: Please be provding your contact details of shipping agent or express account after placing order.

5: What are the payment methods? Or how to pay?
If you have a PayPal account, you can use it to make payments safely and quickly. Or you can pay directly with your personal credit card.

6: What should I do if the goods are broken after receiving them?
Because our products are basically glass products. Therefore, our promise to all customers is that as long as the product is broken druing shipping by using "Standard" shipping, we will resend new one to you for free ASAP.

7: Under what conditions can I refund?
Only in the following two cases, you can choose to refund.
a. The product is broken during shipping by using "Standard" shipping, you don't want to wait for replacements any longer.
b. The product has obvious defects and cannot be used.

8: If you has any other questions, please feel free to contact us :
Sales Email: sales@micquartz.com
Customer-Service Email: support@micquartz.com (If you have after-sales problems, complaints, suggestions and other related issues, please contact this email.)