Applications of quartz glass in semiconductor industry

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In the semiconductor production, quartz glass are mainly employed in the manufacture of single crystalline silicon and wafers. A variety of quartz components and instruments are utilized in the processes of cleaning, oxidation, photoetching, etching, diffusion, and other related steps.

Processing techniques of quartz glass and its corresponding application

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The processing of quartz glass is the procedure of treating quartz glass materials through cutting, grinding, thermal process and other processes in order to achieve a specific size, shape and accuracy. This article will give you a detailed introduction to the quartz glass processing technology and its corresponding applications.

Why choose CNC machining for quartz glass?

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CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control and represents a highly automated manufacturing process. CNC machines employ a precision cutting and shaping process, whereby the raw material (quartz glass) is carved, cut and shaped into the desired shape through the precise control.

The principles and applications of quartz glass polishing process

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Quartz glass polishing represents a significant advancement in the field of optical glass processing. As a high-quality optical material, it has excellent optical properties and chemical stability, and is widely used in optical systems, lasers, communication equipment, etc.

The difference between quartz glass and ordinary glass

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With the continuous rapid development of society, the types of glass are becoming more and more diverse, which can meet the needs of various occasions. After adjusting its materials and properties, glass materials can undergo different changes, making it more stable and durable.