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How to clean Quartz Glass Products?

by CaiRui 05 Jan 2021 0 Comments
Quartz glass cleaning actually has its own system method. Usually, different cleaning methods will be selected according to the required cleaning grade and the use of quartz glass products. In fact, the common method is not complicated, it is only for the common situation. Please look at the following situations.

1. There are slight stains on the surface of quartz glass and it is difficult to wipe directly with water. Soak in 10% hydrofluoric acid or lotion, then wash with high purity water or alcohol. Wear fine gloves during operation, and do not touch quartz glass directly with hands. This situation is applicable to quartz glass products before leaving the factory.

2. Buy glass detergent from the market. This is the most direct and convenient way.

3. Reprocessing. For example, quartz plates or related quartz glass products appear crystallization or softening deformation after use. This situation is the need to do polishing and manual processing. Of course, the cost is also the highest. Sometimes it is better to purchase new replacements directly.
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