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Dear customers, where do you prefer to place your order?

by CaiRui 28 Jan 2021 0 Comments
Do you prefer to place an order in a large company like Alibaba & Amazon or our own company platform?

We often receive promotion calls from Alibaba or other related platforms, and the content is basically: "if you don't choose online, you will be eliminated?". When I get repeated calls from time to time, I'm forced to think, "are we really going to be eliminated?". In fact, this is not the truth. According to the trend analysis data, large platforms are becoming less and less popular nowadays. The only reason is that "they are more and more deviating from the original efforts". They make the cost of the business more and more high (every year they continue to increase the cost of the platform, but can not guarantee the business to get more benefits), which eventually leads to the customer's purchasing cost is also rising. Because of the above questions, this directly answers our customers' questions about why our price is still relatively good and competitive.

However, how do we let customers rest assured of the quality of our glass products comparing to the larger platforms? After all, most of our quartz glass products are customized. I think the following two facts can be well explained.

First, we have many years of production experience. For most of the precision customization of quartz glass, we have our own methods and experience for more difficult products. Second, our collection platform is a large guarantee company such as PayPal and 2Checkout, because many people know that such collection companies are always biased towards customers, and their constraints can make us pay more attention to customers' feeling and order more safely. We also welcome friends from all over the world to contact us( )and to provide advice for making us do better.
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