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Applications of quartz glass in semiconductor industry

by PanRachel 05 Jul 2024 0 Comments
Applications of quartz glass in semiconductor industry

Quartz glass is an indispensable material for semiconductor industry. In the semiconductor production, quartz glass are mainly employed in the manufacture of single crystalline silicon and wafers. A variety of quartz components and instruments are utilized in the processes of cleaning, oxidation, photoetching, etching, diffusion, and other related steps.

The materials from quartz glass manufacturers are fabricated by processors through machining or hot processing into quartz glass products such as furnace tubes, boats, grooves, rings, flanges, bell jars, etc., which are then sold to semiconductor equipment manufacturers. In addition, chip manufacturers also purchase quartz glass products directly from device processors. The impurity content and geometry of the quartz glass products directly affect the yield and productivity of the integrated circuit devices.


The quartz glass used in the semiconductor industry is required for slightly different characteristics depending on the specific application occasions. In the high-temperature zone, the quartz glass products require low hydroxyl content, which is usually prepared by electric melting method. In the low-temperature zone, the material is more likely to use fused quartz glass. In the production of mask substrates, synthetically produced quartz glass with low impurity content and high transmittance is more frequently used.


In the process of preparing electronic information materials, a large amount of high-end quartz glass materials and products are usually needed and consumed. With the continuous development of the electronics industry, the demand for high-end quartz glass products in the semiconductor industry is expected to continue to maintain a high growth trend.

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