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Types of quartz glass

by CaiRui 17 Jan 2024 0 Comments
Types of quartz glass

According to different classification standards, quartz glass can be classified into various types.

Classify according to appearance. Quartz glass can be divided into two categories: transparent and opaque. Transparent quartz glass can be divided into ordinary quartz glass, high-purity quartz glass, and doped quartz glass.

Classify according to product shape. Quartz glass can be divided into pipes/tubes, bars/rods, plates, crucibles, bell covers, and lamp products, as well as quartz glass fiber and quartz wool.

Classify according to special functions. There are low expansion quartz glass, radiation resistant quartz glass, UV or infrared transparent quartz glass, UV filtered quartz glass, etc.

Classify according to manufacturing methods. Quartz glass can be divided into natural quartz glass and synthetic quartz glass. Natural quartz glass is made by melting natural crystals or silica material made in high temperatures. Synthetic quartz glass is made by flame hydrolysis synthesis using inorganic or organic liquid compounds containing silicon.
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